Get Mosquitoes WHERE THEY LIVE!!

Featured imageMosquitoes begin their lives in standing water. With this in mind, rainy springs often lead to a mosquito-filled summer.  Here are some suggestions to reduce your chances of becoming a creepy-crawly’s snack and stop those bloodthirsty beasts in their tracks.

  1. Remove standing water by drilling holes in the bottom, not the sides, of any garbage or recycling containers stored outside to ensure complete drainage. Keep gutters clean and  pools chlorinated, even when not in use. Dump anything that holds water after it has rained, like birdbaths, wadibird bathng pools, even drip trays under your potted plants.
  2. Exchange your white light bulbs for less mosquito-attractive yellow ones. Tiki torches and citronella candles will also help in the immediate area.yellow light bulbs
  3. Guard your body by using spray-on or lotion mosquito repellant. Just as with your sunscreen, be sure to apply indoors or before you are exposed to the mosquitoes.  For those looking for an all-natural alternative, try putting two dryer sheets in your pockets before Cutter Skinsations bug sprayventuring outdoors!

With several weeks of warm weather still ahead, following these guidelines might make your trek into autumn a little less ITCHY.


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